Keeper League Pick

Should I keep Marvin Jones Jr in the 10th round of a 10 person league? It’s .5 PPR!

If that is the only value on my existing roster, then yes. Hope that helps!

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What are your other options? Jones is being drafted close to there so you could still draft him

Please give us your other options

Unfortunately I don’t have any other options. Terrible draft last year.

Kamara in the 1st
Fournette in the 3rd
Marvin Jones in the 10th

If you have to keep a player, I’m keeping Kamara in the 1st over Jones in the 10th.

I agree. Kamara is a first rounder anyway. That is, unless you’re picking top 3 and cmc Saquon and zeke are going to be available

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I don’t have to keep anyone. We don’t know our draft order until after we select our keeper. If I draft 5-10 then I’m fine with keeping kamara but would be pissed if I have 1-3