Keeper League, please help!

I am in a 3 keeper league, I know that i am keeping Saquon in the 1st and Juju in the 4th. But, do I keep Mixon in the 3rd or Kerryon in the 7th? (Full ppr). Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

kerryon in the 7th all day. not only is it a far better value, but youre getting a guy who could out preform mixon. which isnt a knock on mixon, more a knock on his team and current OL. i have mixon and kerryon pretty similar in my rankings, so take the better value.


Thank you for the reply. I have been pro Mixon al summer but now with the injuries to Green and Jonah Williams, Price still in the PUP and the retirement of Boiling. Lions cut Riddick, I am really leaning towards keeping Kerryon!

Im high on Mixon but Kerryon is a much better value in the 7th.


I agree in keeping Kerryon and wouldn’t think twice about it. Mixon should still have a nice season barring injury despite it being an uphill battle in his offense.

But Kerryon in the 7th is great. I’m really high on him, the only thing that makes me nervous is that seemingly EVERYONE is predicting a breakout.