Keeper league PPR

3 player keeper league PPR scoring going in with Joe Mixon , Devonta Freeman and Devante Adams. Do I draft Aaron Jones, David Montgomery or Amari Cooper with my 1st pick ?

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Jones has the highest upside for the RB options. Cooper should be awesome, but having security at RB is a safe bet. Freeman is too much of an injury risk and Adams is the best by far, so you’re weakest at RB before your decision.

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That’s a tough call… I’m on record as really disliking Freeman’s lack of value this year - but in a keeper league that’s somewhat mitigated… I like the idea of adding a 2nd WR (especially if Cooper is your top target left after keepers are tallied) but riding Mixon/Freeman as your top two is super risky.

I guess in the end I’d go with Jones… it’s easier to make up the production in the middle rounds at WR anyway

I’ll pretty much echo what the others guys have said, I’d go with Jones too. Freeman is a big risk that I’d want to have a mitigation plan for. Personally I’d even consider keeping Jones over Freeman.