Keeper League Question 2.0

Hey guys, a few months back I posted a question involving my 3 keeper standard league. My choices were between Nick Chubb, Lev Bell, Kenny G, and Chris Godwin. Unanimously we seemed to agree Chubb/KennyG/Godwin was the smart play. Here’s where the “2.0” comes into play, the league has been throwing around the idea of changing to .5 ppr, and with the way the draft and free agency has played out, I was wondering if everyones thoughts on the matter were still the same?

Chubb is my no brainer, its which combination of the last 3 do I cut down to 2 and keep. Is it Chubb/KennyG/Bell? Chubb/Godwin/Bell? or do I stick with my original trio regardless of point change/free agency/draft?

Thanks in advance everyone for any and all thoughts and opinions.

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I’d say the choices remain the same. I think if anything your keeper group gained value with the change from standard to half ppr

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I’d keep with Chubb / Godwin / KennyG.

Tough to not include Bell over KennyG though. My main reason for fading Bell is longterm. I think he might not be there next year. I think he might have a better half PPR season than KennyG because the Jets had a great draft IMHO, but going forward I think KennyG has more years to offer.

I’d stay the same but would not fault you for swapping KennyG with Bell. Only my thoughts, but I hope they help!

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