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Keeper League Question/ Alshon Jeffrey's Anonymous


12 Team Standard, 6pt. Passing TD/ Start 3 WR, 2RB, TE and Flex. 3 Keepers per year. Draft essentially begins in the fourth round. My Keepers:

  1. McCoy
  2. Watkins
  3. Either Alshon Jeffrey, or Mark Ingram

I know the rankings, and consensus choice, but I have had Jeffrey over the past two seasons…and I HATE OWNING him. I basically want/need any reason to keep Ingram over him. Ultimately, I will probably end up keeping, though RB becomes scarce in this league. Any conversation is welcome. I heart the Foot Clan
#Danny! (from the OG TMNT Movie)


I would keep Ingram. He will give you solid RB2 numbers with upside. We have no idea what the situation will be in Philly and you will be waiting every eeek for Alshon’s season ending injury.


That’s was my Ingram rationalization as well. I just wanted to hear someone else concur. Thank you, sir! Jeffrey is a GD headache