Keeper League Question Help

I play in a two keeper league and I’m planning on keeping Devante Adams who i traded for this year after he got injured. I can keep him at a 3rd round draft pick so I’d like to keep that value. However, I would like my 2nd keeper to be Lenard Fournette who i drafted this year in the 3rd round. So how does that work if you have two players you want to keep at the same round pick?

Rare question but is currently an option i would like to pursue if there is an option here…

This is all going to depend on how the league is setup. I too am in a two keeper league and how this would work for my league would be Adams would be for a 3rd, and Fournette would be for a 2nd (since you no longer have a 3rd for Fournette).

Keep in mind though that if this is the case, you want to put the better player (Adams in my opinion) as the third round keeper since that is the better value just in case you want to keep him again next year.

You can also attempt to pick up another 3rd round pick via trade that way you can keep both for 3rd rounders and still have your 2nd to draft.

Hope this helps.

that clears it up. We can’t trade picks in this league.

I’ve got other good keeper options:

  • Ekeler (11th round) - if Gordon isn’t playing for Charger next year
  • Melvin Gordan (6th round) - pending his situation next year
  • Zach Ertz (5th round) - this was one of my keepers this year. Might not keep Ertz again due to the recent uptick in quality TE’s
  • Chris Carson (4th round) - tbd. would need to evaluate Rashaad Penny’s status
  • Tyreek Hill (2nd round)
  • Michael Thomas (1st round) - i will have my choice of draft position next year if i win this week or at worst, 2nd pick option. So i could pick 10th and use Thomas as my 1st round keeper.

Thanks for clearing up my question

I would keep Adams and Ekeler. I think Ekeler is a rb1 next year (rb2 at worst), and getting that for an 11th round pick is way more valuable than keeping Fournette for a 2nd rounder.