Keeper League Question - Kelce, Chubb, Mclaurin, or Kyler

I am in a 12 team PPR league where we keep 2 players in round they were drafted. After being kept for 2 years, players go back into the draft pool. I have #2 overall pick and both Kamara and Cook will be available. I also am pretty set on keeping A.J. Brown in Round 7.

Who would you take as my other keeper to pair with Kamara/Cook and Brown?

Kelce - Round 2 keeper
Chubb - Round 2 keeper
Mclaurin - Round 7 keeper
Kyler - Round 7 Keeper

Note - if I were to keep 2 people in the same round I will need to either acquire another pick in that round or would need to keep player in round before. So for example I wouldn’t be able to keep both Kelce or Chubb unless I acquired a second 2nd round pick or use my 1st round pick (which I wouldn’t do). If i kept Murray and Brown, I’d use my 6th and 7th round picks or try to get a second 7th rounder, which would be a lot easier than acquiring a second 2nd

Brown in the 7th, Kelce in the 2nd.

I’d personally go Brown in the 7th and Chubb in the 2nd. Assuming it’s starting 2 backs you’re completely covered at the position and can blow 1, 3, 4 even 5 on WR. Considering brown is a dope wr2 you’ll be spoiled for options.