Keeper league question picks. Whats your opinion?

I am in a keep league that allows us to keep three players. If a player is picked up through the year off of free agency than he can be kept as your last pick. In this instance I will be keeping Kamara as my last pick.

This league is also a 2 QB league. PPR scoring. 2 RB 3 WR plus flex. Help me pick my other two.

Zeke in the 3rd
Hunt in 4th
Mixon in 5th
Stafford in 7th
Luck in 3rd.
Ertz in 9th.

I am currently leaning Zeke at 3 and Ertz at 9. pretty sure everyone is going to say Hunt but I will already have Zeke and Kamara. Ertz is a phenomenal value at 9. But…2 QB leagues, QB’s go really, really quick. It might be nice to have Stafford at 7 to keep me from having to spend early rounds getting QB having to chase others. He does play 11 games in a dome this coming year btw.

What say y’all?

zeke is the obvious one, but then i want to throw mixon in the discussion!
the oline gets really a push with Price and glenn and should be much better than last year. hill is out of the way, so you dont have to worry about that…he is the clearcut 1-2down back!
gio is still a nice reception weapon and will also see some reception but mixon’s receptions will go up as well!

think he is a steal in round 5!
i know it doesnt make it easier :rofl:

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I would much rather have Hunt in the 4th than Mixon in the 5th, especially in PPR. Ertz isn’t a bad idea, but I believe them trading up to draft Goedert with their first pick of the draft means they will use him more than they did Burton, but by no means does that mean I think Ertz wont be a top TE.

I tend to favor 3 RB’s, and those 3 were all top 10 last year, and in most draft will all be 1st rounders

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tim_robinson I failed to mention that it is a team TE spot. so basically I would get eagles TE points per week - so both ertz and Goedert. I know its a weird league but its big money . I think he would be the second TE taken if i don’t keep him making him a 4th 5th rounder. so i pick up 4 rounds of value. does this make you pick ertz over hunt?

i just have a gut feeling about Hunt being the head of a committee. don’t get me wrong i think he will get 60% but there are three backs on that team that can and have contributed. but at the middle of 4 he is a solid value.

joe mixon is solid at 5. given points above replacement that is solid. keeping a non rb with my third keeper allows for some flexibility in the draft.

if you already have Kamara, I would keep Zeke and Hunt and know you are crushing it at RB. Use the first two rounds to go WR or QB (based on your league) and I would not sweat Ertz. I think he will be fine, and a team TE is very interesting, but I do think you can still find teams that will do fine in that role, but not sure the same can be said about potentially having 3 RB1s on your squad. That is outstanding.

I am fine with Mixon, but 5th is not a huge value on him. 6th would be different to me, but I would not take him over Hunt. Even if Hunt is RBBC, I think he pulls his weight for you as an RB3.

Hope this helps a bit!

To be honest, since its team TE, I personally would put less value on Ertz because a lot teams have that Tight End that catches 10 balls a year but for a couple TD’s. It actually puts less pressure on selecting the right TE. Take Chargers for example (bad one now that Henry is gone for the year) you knew Henry would take over as the 1 but gates still vultured some TDs.

I still think the roster starting with Zeke Kamara and Hunt is pretty deadly

see I take it as ertz is of more value because of their tendency to utilize two te sets most of the time. with the addition of goedert that should resume. I put him above kelce pretty easily. last year TE’s were gobbled up pretty quick.

anyway, I am in a great position picking between great options. ill probably see what picks I can get for all these players I have and go from there. I also have perine in the 13th, mike Williams LAC , M. Goodwin, and J. Doctson can be all kept in the last round also.

bumping. about to have to make picks.