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Keeper league question.......thoughts appreciated!


need to pick 1 keeper, any thoughts?
Julio for a 1st
Mccoy for a 2
Michael Thomas for a 13th
Gillislee for a 16th

draft order is random and not decided yet. Leaning toward Thomas. 12 team standard


I would keep Michael Thomas. He does not cost you anything but a 13th, and now you have all these possibilities with your 1st and 2nd.


Seriously Thomas for a 13th. The man has amazing stats in reliable categories like catch rate and red zone usage. That plus there are an additional 120 targets to distribute in that offense.

So with you first 3 rounds you can take 2 RBs then a WR in the 3rd and have a serious positional advantage.


Thomas for sure. Lots of value for years to come.


I’d go with Thomas or Jones


Thomas without question.


Yup I agree, it’s Thomas hands down


I’d lean Thomas that’s just such good value