Keeper League Question

I am in a 12 man PPR keeper auction league $200 budget. We can keep a player for 3 years then he goes back into the FA pool. We can keep up to 4 players each year as well. Here is who i am thinking of keeping Currently i have David Johnson (who is in the last year of his contract), Adam Thielen (picked up as a FA, only costs 10 bucks to keep) JOsh Doctson (tough one, drafted him last year for cheap and early reports are he is behind Crowder and Pryor). My fourth option could be Julian Edelman ( who i can keep for 36 bucks or Rex Burkhead or Kyle Rudolph could be other keeper options. Do i entertain the thought of trading David Johnson for future keepers? It is hard to think of trading DJ, but it has crossed my mind.

do you have to keep that many? and also if you dont keep that many do you get more draft picks? or if you only keep 1 do you lose your 1st rounder, keep 2 you lose your 2nd? just a few questions to answer you better with. but for now im looking at keeping DJ, and maybe julian. except he is expensive. and then just building through the draft.

If you do not want to keep any players we do not have to. So if you decide to keep any players, you do not lose any picks. The site randomly picks an order the day of the draft and then that person throws a player out to begin the bidding. So the price of WR’s is pretty crazy. At that price Edelman is a good keeper. The higher end WR’s (Beckham/Julio/Antonio) went for 80 + bucks… Insane. Thanks for the input Buster

For auctions I like to plan out how much I am willing to spend on each roster spot I have to fill and use it as a guide for bidding. That way when I over bid for a player I am kinda robbing Peter to pay Paul.
So if you can use a keeper to snag a guy for cheaper than you would have normally, you upgrade the spending budget for another position.
My advice would be to keep DJ, $10 for Thielen is not good as @AndyHolloway values him at $7 in the UDK. Doctson isn’t competing for targets with just Pryor and Crowder, but also Reed who will likely see the lion’s share. I bet you could get him for $1-$2 if you really wanted him. $36 for Edelman is also on the pricey side.

What do Rex and Rudolph cost?

So i made a mistake, Thielen and Rex are 5 bucks each, Rudolph is 8…

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Thielen is a good option to lock in at $5 with the most accurate QB of 2016 throwing to a guy with a 75% catch rate. Floyd might also be a gone so opportunity abounds.

The NE backfield scares me a lot, so I would stay away from that. Rudolph would be a pretty good value at $8 if you don’t mind keeping two guys from the same team.

I’d say DJ, Thielen, and Rudolph. Plus this lineup give you a lot of team name flexibility. Example…Rudolph is Thielen my Johnson.

Yeah i agree w/ the NE backfield. Rex could go for 30 points one week and then be a 4-5 pointer the next month. I do like the team name, good stuff

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Hello! I am in a 10 team .5 PPR. I am keeping Kareem Hunt and Zach Ertz (no round deduction for players drafted after 6th round previous year) and made a trade that sent my 3rd round pick for McKinnon. I am picking at #3 overall. Should I go “Tony Toe Tap” (Antonio Brown) at 3 or best available RB? Love your show!

-Mike DJ

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