Keeper League Question!

I’m in a 12 Team Standard Keeper League. 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1FLX, DST, Kicker, and 6 bench spots. We can keep a maximum of 5. I’m picking last at every odd rounds and first at ever even rounds (12th pick in the first round, 1st pick in the second round etc). With that as basis, here are my options:

Melvin Gordon for a 1st
Tyreek Hill or Mark Ingram for a 2nd
Stefon Diggs or Larry Fitz for a 3rd
Zach Ertz for a 4th
Dede Westbrook or Keelan Cole for a 14th
Marlon Mack for a 15th

I’m thinking of keeping Gordon, Diggs, Mack, and Dede. I find the first pick of the 2nd round too high for either Hill or Ingram. I’m not sure if late 3rd is a good spot for Diggs, but I feel like I can get Larry Fitz later on since people will probably ignore him again. Is Ertz a good keep for 4th? I might be able to snag another late round flyer.

Wanna hear your thoughts!

I would keep Gordon, Diggs and Ertz. I think gordon is a nice keeper at the last pick of rd 1. I agree that Hill or ingram is probably not the best for the 13th overall pick in your draft so it’s probably best to not keep either one. Diggs and Fitz are nice picks for the 3rd and I currently like Diggs more. I think Ertz in the 4th is a good value because a lot of drafts and mock drafts I have done he is going in the 3rd round. I feel like you can get dede, cole or mack without keeping them and there might be someone better by the time the 14th and 15th round comes up so I wouldn’t waste the picks on them

Do you have to keep 5? I’m good with Gordon, DIggs, Ertz, and Mack. If you can keep 4 and gain a draft pick, I would do that. The value doesn’t seem to be there for the rest of your options. If you have to have 5, I’d go with Hill and feel awful about it.

it being a standard league, im keeping gordon. i would consider fitz, but really, how many TDs can we expect from him? if engram wasnt suspended for the first 4 games i would say take him. tyreek is looking at a TD regression of some kind, but good luck guessing it. if i remember correctly he didnt have a single TD less than 30 yards last year. that cant keep on happening (but jesus if there is a player combo that could i guess its mahomes and hill) add in that he is looking at a regression in yards as well with watkins there, conley back and healthy, cant really keep him… ertz is one i considered but his TDs went up last year, but you can expect them to come back down to the norm… yeah this is tough. i honestly would just keep gordon i think and thats it. too many players you can get later or same time as what you can keep them for, amd the bottom end guys arnt so good that i have to have them at their price. because what if someone else you really want is there over dede in the 14th? yeah, i think its gordon and roll the dice. worst comes to worst you can just pick the guys at the rounds you had them if no one else pops to you.

Thanks for the input guys. 5 is the maximum, there is no minimum. I can keep just 1 person or no one at all too. Gotta make smart moves with my keepers because I have a league mate that made some good trades and got 4 picks in the first 2 rounds…

Anyway, keeping Melvin Gordon for a 1st, that’s for sure. The others (mainly Diggs, Mack, and Ertz), I’ll still contemplate over.

Keep Melvin

Then if you love ERTZ you can keep him for a 4th…but your not getting him at much of a discount… So i wouldn’t have to keep him but also it wouldn’t be awful either.

Then I’m keeping Mack in the 15th just in case he is awesome and the lead back… I’m not losing anything in the 15th to take that shot.

Everyone else is good but not getting any real value on them… So if you are in love with diggs or fitz sure keep them there… But if not just go into the draft and draft who you want in those rounds.

Are my picks