Keeper league questions

Okay I have a tough decision to make here. In 10man half point 1 keeper league. I am contemplating between 4 players. Who should I keep Jonathan Taylor in the 4th, Gibson in the 5th, Lamar in the 7th or Aiyuk in the 12th? I have the 10th over all pick.

I’m keeping Taylor in the 4th. Being able to have 2 first round picks? I’m all about that.


I’m actually leaning Gibson here. You have the 4.01 and 5.10 pick so to me Gibson brings better value not to mention I tend to like Gibson’s situation a little better today. I would wait as long as possible to see how all the Indy injuries fair through the preseason.


Unfortunately I have to have my keeper in by Friday.

I lean Gibson. Assuming non-snake draft, 4.10 should be significantly better than 5.10 in a one keeper. What you can do is try a mock draft and see who is available at those spots to help you decide.


It’s a snake draft.

I am on the far right.

Id say with INDY injuries that JT and Gibson are close enough in their ceiling and floor that you have to take the 20 spots later with GIBSON at the 5.10 vs JT at the 4.01

Depending on who falls you could easily end up with

JT, Hopkins, Waller 4th round pick and Gibson