Keeper League Questions?

Hey guys just curious how anyone in a keeper league sets up their league. If you are a keeper league could you answer these 6 questions?

  1. How many keepers?
  2. How many years can you keep a player for?
  3. What do you have to give up in order to keep a player?
  4. Can you keep a waiver wire pickup? If so, what round pick will it cost you?
  5. Can you keep a player drafted in the first few rounds?
  6. What happens when a league member dropouts and is replaced in the next year?

Our league is for mainly beginners so we keep it pretty simple for now:

  1. 1 keeper as an option. dont have to take a keeper.
  2. right now unlimited. works for me i have lev bell. although there are penalties in other leagues if you keep the same guy in succession.
  3. give up your first round pick to keep a player. we are discussing the round they were picked in but right now its just the first round pick.
  4. yes, most leagues do a 10th, mine just does a first for simplicity.
  5. Yes any player is keepable.
  6. roster stays in tact and new owner resumes responsibility of that roster, they get to choose keeper from that team draft as if the player never changed.
  1. 2 Keepers
  2. Unlimited
  3. Nothing
  4. Yes, costs nothing
  5. Yes
  6. Roster stays and new owner assumes responsibility as if player never changed.

I like the league, but wish it was only a 1 keeper format. Virtually all of the top RB and WR’s never change hands. Its hard to get competitive if you don’t have luck on waiver or in the draft. There are 10 players and draft order is dependent on how you placed last season. Last player player gets first pick, and so on.