Keeper League Round Penalty

Need some advice:

We are setting a time limit of 3 years for a player to be kept. How do you handle the round penalty for multiple years?

I am thinking first year player is kept at the original round drafted. Second year there is a 2 round increase in draft cost. Third year is based off of ADP but can’t be any lower than the second years cost.

Is this about right?

Basically a team can have a player for 4 years including the year they are originally drafted

Ultimately you can do whatever you and your league mates want. However, I would keep it simple. On yourself as a commish and your fellow league mates.

A player can be kept for a total of four years (including draft/acquisition year) at a cost of -1 draft rounds per year.

Draft player in 7th round.
Next year, kept for a 6th.
Next year, kept for a 5th.
Next year, kept for a 4th.
Cannot keep same player.