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Keeper League Rule Question


I joined a keeper league last year where you can keep one player drafted after the 5th round in the round in which they were drafted. The rule in question is that you can keep any player you’ve picked up off the waiver wire in the previous season for a 15th round value. For instance, this year Jay Ajayi and Jordan Howard will be kept in return for a 15th round pick. Feel like that doesn’t make sense. Thoughts?


It’s not unheard of but this rule just opens the door for an imbalance in talent before the draft even takes place.

15th round is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. Tons of top talent could potentially come off waivers in the year prior. Odell and David Johnson come to mind just in the past couple years.

Odell was a mystery and was a waiver claim in most leagues when he finally got healthy his rookie year. David Johnson was dropped in a lot of leagues when owners gave up on him getting his opportunity.

I would be passing on joining a league with this structure.


I know a league where waiver wire cost a 6th round pick. This way you still get benefit of being smart enough to make the claim, but if a player is worth keeping you got off waivers, they are probably worth more than a 6th round pick. If that is the established rule, like @jaysumz said, there will be a lot of imbalance.