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Keeper League Rules


I am the commissioner for my league for a few years now. We are starting to make it a keeper league. Could you guys provide me with the best rules for it?


There’s no best rules, it’s whatever you a your league decide.

Here’s a few common suggestions

  • Set number of Keepers - Keep a certain number of players each year.

  • Draft Round Penalty - A player you keep you lose the pick in the round they were drafted in. Subsequent keeper years incure higher penalties.

Example: Draft Tom Brady in the 10th in 2016. Keep him in 2017 for a 10th round pick, 2018 for an 8th, 2019 for a 6th

  • ADP Penalty - A keepers round penalty is determined by their ADP.

It’s all just finding rules that work best for your league. Google is your friend.


Here is how we do it, allows for maximum redraft potential only keeping one player and doesn’t penalize people for getting really good value on a breakout star from last season.

  1. Teams can only keep any one player for one additional season (1-yr as a keeper on your team).

2a. If player is in the first year of being kept (i.e. he wasn’t kept by any of the other 11 teams the previous year) he retains the draft position he was taken at from the previous year. Players picked up off waivers are 16th round keepers.

2b. If player is in the second year or greater of being kept by any team he must be kept at the Average Draft Position (ADP) at the time of the previous years draft still retaining some value for the current season.

  1. When a player is not kept by any of the 12 teams in a single year all rules governing that one player reset at the next years draft.