Keeper League, should I keep E.Elliot?

I have N.Chubb (RD 12), E.Elliot (RD 1), R.Woods (RD 5) and D.K.Metcalf (RD 17).

I have to keep 3. I’m draft pick 5 for Round 1 if I was not to keep Elliot. I’m pick 9 for the rest of the rounds. 10 team league snake draft.

Full Point PPR

Who should I draft if drop Elliot?

IF I GO WR for Round 1, these are available.

I’d keep him and drop Woods. I really like Woods and his value is fine but you’d be in a position R2 onwards to just pick best player available whereas I think if you drop him you need to take an RB pretty soon and may need to pay more than they’re worth.

If you were to drop Zeke I feel the R1 pick would end up either being a WR which would be ok or an obvious worse RB than him as I don’t think he comes back to you at 5th.

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I hate that you are right. I’m just not a believer on Elliot this season. I know that RBs are first to draft. His going against Bucs defense. THATS not a good start lol

It’s not about how you start but how you finish.

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This and draft Woods back in the 4th.

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Thanks for the input

Thanks for your input

Same keep him drop Woods! Also, you can always do a trade. There’s a couple believers in Zeke especially cowboy fans.

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So I got some sad news yesterday. Since this is my 1st time taking over someone else’s team. I found out that Nick Chubb can no longer be on my team as he was held for 2 years already. So he was dropped and kept Robert Woods. So now I only have Elliot, DK.Metcalf and R.Woods.

With that being said, round 2 I’m pick 9 but this is a snake draft. Therefore I’ll be “#2” pick for Round 2 If you want to look at it that way on a 10 team league. So here is what’s available. Who should make it to me on Round 2?


David Montgomery will be a monster even when Fields gets playing time. Remember Kareem Hunt when Mahomes started playing… insane!

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