Keeper league spot open!

We got a spot open in a 2 keeper league but it cannot be 2 of the same position, price is the round the player was drafted in. As this isn’t the first year you will be inheriting a team. The league is a half point ppr, with FAAB waivers, 2 week playoffs (15,16,) 4 teams, and the draft is on sept 2nd at 6pm EST. Email me for more details and if you’d like to see the team available.

Thanks everyone i’m excited for the new year,

Is there a buy in?

no buy in, free league but may be full will update tomorrow

Any way to change the date of the draft or earlier in the day? If not I understand, just interested but do not want to miss the draft.

Interested if spot is still avaliable

If spot is still open @xeatsleephockey id like to see the team.