Keeper league suggestions

I can keep three for this upcoming year. Here are the 4 I have to choose from. Leveon Bell, Alvin Kamara, David Johnson and Nick Chubb. I have to let one go, what do you think?

So clearly you keep Kamara. The other three are a toss up to me but I’d say lose Lev. DJ should bounce back with Kliff. Chubb might seem risky with Hunt there but we have no idea if Hunt even plays and I believe Chubb is just more talented. Also since it’s a keeper, Chubbs youth means you can just keep him again the following year with Hunt is gone

Yeah that’s kind of where I was leaning! With Levs being older and a year removed. Thanks!

Depending on when you have to make a decision the Hunt suspension and the NFL draft could impact your result.

If Hunt was supsended for 4 games. I might not keep Chubb.

My keeper selections as of today are:

Assuming that Rosen is the QB in Arizona.

I don’t have to make a decision for quite a while. But yeah I get what you’re saying! I’m just feeling it out and seeing what people think

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I appreciate the help guys! Some new factors have been thrown into the mix from people from my league. So Kamara is a clear keeper. But I have an offer to trade Lev for Michael Thomas. So that would then change my keeper selections to Kamara, Thomas, DJ and Chubb. And we know that Hunt is suspended for 8 games

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