Keeper League Team Advice Needed

I’m in a 10 team, 6 keeper league and I wanted some advice on what I should do with my team. I would consider my team to be a contender since I was in the championship last year but lost to the now 4x champ. I pick 9th in the draft and it is a snake draft.
Start 1QB,2RB,2WR,1TE,1FLEX,D/ST,K
QB- P Mahomes
RB- D Johnson, J Mixon, N Chubb, P Lindsay, J Mckinnon, L Miller
WR- OBJ, A Cooper, T Boyd, K Golladay
TE- nobody

Thanks for indicating that you consider yourself to be a contender. Often my first question!

With regards to keepers, does it count as your first 6 picks? Or is there a round penalty?

for me it’s D Johnson, J Mixon, N Chubb, OBJ, Cooper, Mahomes.
Actually by quite a margin…

You can make a case for Lindsay, but with DJ, Mixon and Chubb already, I would keep Mahomes. You will definitely be a contender this year.

these keepers take my first 6 picks. I like mahomes, Johnson, mixon and obj as 4 solid keepers, but I’m iffy on chubb and cooper and was thinking about trying to package a trade with them along with Lindsay , boyd, or golladay to teams that are lacking quality keepers.

That is always my favorite move in leagues with keeper limits. When you have a surplus, move multiple pieces to get a stud.

In a single QB league, Mahomes ranks behind DJ, Mixon, OBJ, Chubb, Cooper for me. Too many good/productive QBs this year. Then it’s a toss up between mahomes and Kenny G for me. Probably edge to Mahomes just given how good he is but hard to take QB as a keeper in single QB leagues.

My league is entering its 7th season and the majority of teams tend to keep a qb, so generally I don’t, but with mahomes I feel like I have to since qbs like luck, Watson, Rodgers, Ryan, Wilson are all not going to be available. I’m trying to trade Cooper and Chubb along with packaging combos including lindsay, gollladay and Boyd to get a better rb and wr to go along with mixon, d Johnson, obj and mahomes