Keeper League Temp Check

Hey Crew! Very excited to come back and be here everyday!

Need some advice- a temperature check if you will.

In a Standard-14 person, 2 keeper league (no penalties)- who do I keep?

Derrick Henry
AJ Brown
Antonio Gibson
David Montgomery
Chase Claypool

This league starts 3 WR and 2 RB, so I thought about keeping AJ Brown but I feel like there’s so much depth in WR that I might get lucky and find some other valuable players. Other than that, I am thinking of keeping Henry(duh) and Gibson and attack WR the first 2 or 3 rounds. Don’t think any of my choices will be as good as Brown but I might find some value. I HOPE.

What say you!?

I personally would keep, Henry and Gibson. Henry will still see volume and will finish as an RB1. Gibson is a high RB2 with RB1 upside.

With Henry/Gibson, you can attack WRs in your draft early and get some RB depth later.

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Henry and Gibson are the way to go. They want to use Gibson like CMC in Carolina. You can still find good value @ WR like AB later on. We know Brady loves him and Evans always misses time. Tee Higgins is a good later pickup too. Mike Williams maybe puts it all together this season with Herbert.

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I almost traded Henry for Kamara but when they picked up Julio all I imagined was more running lanes. I’m still debating that but Titans offense is very intriguing to me.

Thank you- yes that’s what I’ve been thinking. I’ve drafting from the 13th spot this year so my first thought was to be a bit more balanced and start with an RB1 and a potential top 5 WR but I think I rather have RB situated and just draft for WR.

Yeah man! Thanks! I’m trying so hard not to completely dive in to that talk but man it’s very captivating.

And yes I agree on the WR depth later in draft. Lots of possible all those players are on my radar with AB being on top of it. I’m crossing my fingers that maybe the first WR available to me is Brandon Aiyuk or someone like that. We’ll see.
Darnell Mooney, Marvin Jones…might even look at Callaway or Reagor. That’s for way later in draft.

Thanks again.

Man, two good friends of mine that have been in this league for years are trying to convince me that it’s foolish to let AJ Brown go when this league starts 3 WR.
This thing is really driving me mad.

Think I’m still sticking with Henry/Gibson though.

Henry and Brown is the correct answer. Gibson is all hype and no fantasy points at this juncture.

Gibson was great last year before he got hurt. There is definitely a huge amount of hype with him.

Might be safer to start out with a sure RB1 and WR1.

How does the Julio Jones addition sway you? Think that makes Brown better or limits his ceiling?

I dunno, I doubt if it affects Brown much. Corey Davis was entirely credible as a WR2 last season (almost 1000 yards and 5 TDs), so it’s not like adding another credible WR2 in Davis’ absence changes a lot about what they were doing already.

That said, I probly like Brown about the least of his ADP-mates at WR like Jefferson and Metcalf and I guess now you throw Lamb into that mix as well–but I still see Brown as a low-end WR1ish kind of a guy, and therefore more valuable than Gibson, whom I see as a mid-range RB2 at best. I’d rather have Carson, whom you can get at least a round later.

Yeah CeeDee Lamb’s rise is so crazy! For a dynasty I see it but not for redraft. I mean, I guess I don’t mind and I’d be open to grabbing Cooper a round later.

Interesting take on Brown though- gonna have to keep thinking about that.

I’m all aboard the Lamb train myself. I began to target him for my future fantasy teams the day I watched this play unfold:

As a rookie, with no preseason and precious little practice, he was the WR11 right out of the gate with Prescott at QB. Then Dak got hurt and Lamb faded into the field a little. But now he has a full year of experience and a full offseason, and reports from camp (and clips on Hard Knocks) are ridiculous–Lamb is blowing everyone away.

I loved drafting him in the 5th round earlier in the summer, but I’m still drafting him now in the third. He’s a lock for low-end WR1 numbers, with top 5 upside.

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