Keeper League thoughts. Must keep 1 up to 3 players

League setup is you have to keep one player and can keep up to three, League is 1pt PPR. Who would you keep out of these players?
Johnathan Taylor
Antonio Gibson
Miles Sanders
Michael Thomas
George Kittle
David Montgomery

Does keeping one take away your first pick and keeping two will take your first two picks? If so I always look at it as should I draft any of these players in the first round? If so keep them. Then if there’s a player you’d draft in the second round keep that player. I’d keep Kittle, Taylor and a toss up between Gibson or Thomas personally.

Yes, keeping one takes away my first round pick. If I keep three players my first pick will be in the fourth round. We also dont know the other league members keepers until right before the draft starts, we put our keepers in an envelope and the commish reveals the keepers right before we start.

I’m sure you can kind of guess though right. So for example I’m in a 4 keeper with the same draft rules for keepers. Three years ago I had Derrick Henry, Aaron Jones, Nick Chubb, Hopkins, Dalvin Cook, and OBJ in a 12 person PPR and I could only keep 4 (Still upset that I couldn’t keep them all) so other people in my league that didn’t have players worth keeping knew that I’d definitely be keeping 4 and they’d be able to draft one of my players in the first round. You could probably make assumptions on whos keeping who and guess on what players will be available for you to draft.