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Keeper league tips



Im starting a keeper league this year with my friends, I have never done one so I am wondering if anyone has any tips for a new league! Things like amount if keeper positions, ppr or no, website to use etc.

If anyone has some tips that would be awesome!


Definitely go PPR. MyFantasyLeague.com is worth considering. This is just my opinion, but I think it is best to go completely Dynasty (all kept that an owner wants to keep), or keep at least 10 out of a 20 player or 22 player roster. Also, that brings on a true NFL owner feeling, and is helped by your annual Rookie/FA draft each year (after the NFL draft). Go ahead and allow either 1 or 2 IR spots during the season, too. A Taxi Squad spot is optional, and I could do with or without it.


Thank you! I dont know if we can go full dynasty some of these guys are pretty new to fantasy and I dont wanna overwhelm them.