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Keeper league trade advice DJ


Standard league format, keeper rules are you get to keep up to 3 players in replacement for your 1st round pick for 1 player, 1st and 2nd round picks if you keep 2 players, and 1st-3rd round picks if you keep 3 players. My current keepers are David Johnson and Lamar Miller, although someone has offered me a trade where they would give me Marshawn Lynch, LeSean McCoy, and their 4th round pick in exchange for David Johnson. So my position would be I would keep Lynch, Miller, and McCoy in exchange for my first 3 picks and I would have 2 fourth round picks. This seems to be in my favor, but I figured I would check with this amazing football community


It would be so nice to keep DJ and trade Lamar Miller for a higher end WR because I think I can just plug in RBs week to week and let DJ make up for their mid tier performance


honestly your second post is exactly what i was thinking. keep that monster, and get rid of lamar. he isnt worth a 2nd rounder in my mind, at least not when you look at who is going around him. haveing 2 4th rounders would be nice, and McCoy is a very good starter… but only for a few more years. DJ still has a lot of mileage left. i dont do it.