Keeper League Trade Advice - Going for the Chip

QB: Dak
RB’s: Zeke, Swift, Saquon, Eli Mitchell
WR’s: Chase, AJB, Keenan, D.Johnson, A.Cooper, Lockett, A.Rob
TE’s: Hock, Gesicki

Trade would be Cooper for Chubb straight up (including picks)

Should I be expecting the better return in terms of ‘picks’ or am I getting the better return already with Chubb?

Got offered Chubb and a 7th for Cooper and a 3rd.

I feel Cooper has more value currently but is Chubb worth the investment of a solid low-end Rb 1?

Could really use some help here guys

What roster size do you start? If you play 2 RBs, then your RBs look pretty great right now. In fact your whole roster looks great overall. You need to get through Swift’s bye this week, so if this trade is to help with that, then sure I think it’s fair value. But I don’t necessarily think you need to make a move. Team looks awesome

Agree, starting lineup requirements are critical to providing feedback.