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Keeper League trade advice/vote


Looking for some opinions/votes…

Rules of the league:

Keep 7 players each year,lifetime, no punishment for keeping anyone.

Regular roster with Flex, 1/2 point ppr scoring

Currently have the 1st overall pick, in a non snaking draft (first pick every round), 12 team league.

My Current keepers:

QB - R. Wilson

RB - Crowell, McCoy, Howard

WR - D. Thomas, A. Robinson

TE - Gronk

Here’s the question, given I have the top pick I have the option to upgrade in one of 3 areas… which scenario is best upgrade for the roster do you think (in no particular order)

  1. RB upgrade: Trade picks 1 and 2 plus Crowell and Robinson, for L.Bell and a 3rd round pick

  2. QB upgrade: Draft Aaron Rodgers with 1st pick

  3. WR upgrade: Draft Dez Bryant with 1st pick

What’s the best option to maximize my team?