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Keeper league Trade Advice


Hey guys! Got a quick keeper question. Standard league with up to 3 keepers. Keeping first player will cost me my first round pick, keeping 2 players cost me 1st and 2nd, and 1-3 if I keep 3 players. I adopted an orphan league and only player worth keeping is David Johnson. I am trying to get two stud RBs on my team and offered to trade DJ and my 13th round pick for Devonta Freeman and DeMarco Murray. He responded saying he would like a better draft pick and we could make it work. This is my first keeper league so I wanted advice from you guys! Also, he has 4 players in the top 36 ADP so if he doesn’t make a trade for one of these guys he will be dropping one with no reward so he is looking to take advantage of that. Any trade offers I should offer him now? Is it worth giving up DJ and my 4th or 5th round to ensure Murray and Freeman?


Based on your username, shouldn’t you just be drafting like 12 kickers? :smile:


if this was PPR i wouldnt even consider trading DJ. but because its standard, i still dont consider trading him lol. that is just a crazy good building block to have. DJ will put up enough points to make up for what ever so so RB you put next to him. if its me, i keep him and draft high on WR. because the interesting thing here is, lets say everyone buy you keeps 3 players and you keep 1. that would mean you would get 2 back to back picks right away. maybe even 3 if you are the 1.01. so what ever is left over after keepers you will get the pick of the litter. so if its me i roll the dice and dont even trade.


1/2 point PPR. I lucked out on a trade last year and ended the year with Julio and Zeke. They feel like the obvious keepers but I have had people tell me I should consider keeping Jordan Howard over Julio. Any thoughts on this? Seems a little crazy to me.


that depends on if you give up draft picks and if so where and how? julio and zeke are in way better positions than howard. the only way that becomes a good idea is if you have to give up a 1st rounder for julio, and like an 8th for howard. then it evens out because you can now use your first round pick for more depth. hell maybe even get julio back. so that just depends on how you guys do it. otherwise, im not giving up julio.