Keeper League Trade Barkley?

Need some help from some fine folk. Currently in a 2 keeper league (no round cost to keep keepers). My current picks in the first five rounds are;

3 x 1sts
1 x 3rd
1 x 4th

Currently keeping Barkley and/or Akers/Swift/Gibson/Dobbins.

Here’s the question - do I trade Barkley for say 2 x 2nds and 1 x 5th (this year’s draft) and keep Akers and Swift (or Gibson) or do I stand pat and keep Barkley and Akers (or another young RB I have currently).


What is your starting lineup requirements? How many teams?

Thx for getting back to this. Starters;

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Flex
1 DST.

Scoring is wonky but the best way to put it is .5 PPR. 12 team league via CBS

In a 2RB/1Flex league. I would make that trade. Keeping 2 of Akers/Swift/Gibson/Dobbins should be viable and adding two more 2nd round picks in addition to your three 1st rounds would make you a powerhouse.

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Thx! Appreciate it! Now, would you do a counter of 2,3,4 plus a 2022 2nd? I’d rather the 2x2nds and 1x5th but there may be a counter there. If I can scew the counter that it would cost something next year, maybe they go for the 2x2nds and 1x5th

As in he may counter the 2x2nds, 1x5th offer