Keeper league trade; desperate for RB

Similarly to much of the fantasy world, I’m in desperate need of RB help. Before I present this trade I’ll outline the league settings and my current roster.

This is a 12-team, PPR, 3-keeper dynasty-lite league. I’m currently 4-3 and will probably need at least 3 wins in the final stretch of the season. Of my remaining 6 opponents, only 2 of them have a losing record and 1 of those 2 is 3rd in points in the league so it’s a tough run for me.

My Roster:

QB P. Mahomes
WR M. Thomas
WR E. Sanders
RB M. Breida
RB C. Thompson
TE J. Cook
FLEX K. Allen
DEF Bears
K stream

BN L. McCoy
BN D. Johnson Jr.
BN S. Watkins
BN DJ Moore
BN B. Watson
IR L. Bell
IR J. McKinnon

So the Trade I’m thinking of making would be two parts with 2 different teams.

Team 1
Emmanuel Sanders
2019 2nd Round Pick
Marvin Jones OR Corey Davis

Team 2
2019 2nd Round Pick
2019 5th Round Pick
Marvin Jones OR Corey Davis
Josh Gordon
Latavius Murray

I’m hesitant to do this because I’m not sure when Dalvin Cook will be back, but every single RB I’ve had this season has been injured, and I’m desperate. Last week I started McCoy and Breida for a combined -0.4 points and miraculously still won.

So to recap the trade would cost me Sanders and a 5th for Gordon and Murray. What do you guys think?