Keeper League Trade for Michael Thomas

I’m in a 10 Team League, .5 PPR and we keep the top 3 players with no draft repercussions. I just received a trade offer to receive Michael Thomas for my 1st and 2nd round picks (essentially 4th and 5th round in a startup league) for Michael Thomas. My keepers without the trade would be Joe Mixon, Stefon Diggs, and Kerryon Johnson, so I’d be giving up Kerryon and my first two picks for Michael Thomas. Thoughts?

Update: I asked for some picks back and he added a 4th round pick (7th in startup) to Michael Thomas

It sounds like value on one hand getting Michael Thomas for Kerryon Johnson but the picks would put you in a potential hole to fill rb2 onwards. You’d be well positioned at WR to get a couple later round values but I’m not sure how much value at RB will be there by time you’d get to add one in your draft.

I would say if there will be depth at rb by the time that you get to pick and you’re a contender then do it. But if you think it’s going to be slim pickings then avoid as you could have a stud but constantly starting risky rb2. In a 10 team league I think that might be harder to bridge than in larger leagues.

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I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird. Getting your second RB in what is essentially the 6th round is a dicey situation. And as a fellow Mixon owner I can attest to how frustrating his inury was last year, which would put you in a very bad spot here. I generally favor a well balanced team over a couple of super studs, so I’d be hesitant to do this.


@smlevin75 @Mr_Wind-up_Bird Thanks for the feedback. I agree I wouldn’t really be able to get a good 2nd RB while having my first pick in essentially the 6th round/7th round. I told him I would do my 1st and 4th (4th and 7th in startup) and a potential pick swap in the 3rd (I’m picking 3 spots ahead of him) but we agreed to pause talks for a few days.

The reason he wants to do the trade is he has George Kittle as his 4th guy right now (Kamara and McCaffrey are hist first two) but no first or second round picks. So if we don’t do the trade, there’s a good chacne I’d be able to snag Kittle with the 4th overall pick, which sounds better and better to me every second.

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