Keeper League Trade: Fournette for Julio Jones straight up?

I currently have to keep 6 players from last year’s roster. My Keepers are RB Fournette, RB D. Cook, RB J. McKinnon, RB J. Mixon, WR M. Evans and WR G. Tate (or maybe QB Wilson).

I’ve been offered Julio for Leo straight up. Should I take it?

Should I keep WR Tate or QB Wilson?

Thanks Footclan Bretheren

In a vacuum I’d take Fournette, but with your roster construction I’d take the trade for Julio. I’d also keep Wilson over Tate - but that probably won’t be a popular opinion. To me if you go into the year with Julio, Mike Evans, Cook, McKinnon, Mixon, and Wilson - that’s a solid start. You couldn’t walk away with that in the first 6 rounds of a redraft league


If I keep Wilson, I’ll be cutting Tate, Hill and M. Jones. Hopefully one of them will fall to me as my 3rd WR if I take this trade.

I’d take that trade. And then I’d keep M Jones over both tate and Wilson. No chance any of those WRs fall to you in a 6 keeper assuming this is a 10-12 man league. I’d rather have those as my starters and work with late round QB values.

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I landed up taking the trade. Thanks you two!