Keeper League - Trade Help

year 2 of a 12 team 5 player keeper league. My Keepers are Freeman, Baldwin, Pryor, Rudolph (Crabtree or R.Wilson) - I have 1st RND 4th and 9th overall , 2nd Rnd 4th(16th), 3rd Rnd 4th(28th) and 9th(33rd), No 4th round pick and two picks in the 5th round. I’ve got a trade in the works for Melvin Gordon for my 1st(9th overall), my 3rd (33rd Overall) and Tarrelle Pryor. i would still have a early 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks and two potential top 5 RB’s. Do I make the trade or keep Pryor a potential top WR1 this year and with one of my two 1st round picks take a RB? being a 5 team keeper the pool of available RB is limited… available in the 1st round will be… Howard, lynch, Crowell, Ware, Mixon, Fournette, Gilislee.

Should I make the trade?

PPR or standard?

PPR League