Keeper League Trade Help!

I play in a keeper league where you keep 4 players, and simply lose your top four picks. My keepers are currently: LeVeon, Zeke, Mike Evans, and Keenan Allen.

I am debating moving a running back to get the top pick in the draft (i.e. Saquon Barkley). Because it is a draft pick, I would get to keep someone else in addition to grabbing Saquon in the draft. The additional keeper would likely be either Allen Robinson or Zac Ertz.

Any thoughts?

Starting Roster without trade: LeVeon, Zeke, Mike Evans, and Keenan Allen
Starting Roster with trade: Zeke, Saquon, Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, Allen Robinson

I would prefer Bell and Zeke to Saquon and Zeke.

Yea, I would prefer Bell over Saquon. Bell could be the #1 overall RB, and while Barkley could be great he has never played a down in the NFL so he could also disappoint.

i dont HATE it, cause you are basically talking about a mini dynasty pick here. im assuming there is no limit to how long you can keep someone? thats going to be a HUGE factor on if thats even something to start considering.

What about Bell and Saquon?

Given the league format… I like taking it, and agree with Robinson over Ertz as the keeper.

If I was to rank those three, it would be Zeke, Bell, Saquon.

With the news of Bell not getting a deal done - I believe he’ll have a monster year. 400+ touches. Zeke is the Dallas offense. In a keeper league, the possibility of Saquon being great in a year, for a few years, is not enough to entice me.

There’s no limit to how long you can keep someone so Saquon’s youth is a plus. I don’t doubt that Bell is the pick for this year but with the heavy workload he is likely to get again, that’s a lot of milage for a running back at his age. Also there are rumors he will sit out…
A key part of the deal would be getting added WR depth with Allen Robinson for the year too.