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Keeper League Trade Offer


I’m in a 1/2 PPR Keeper league. We can keep two guys as our first two picks. (so most of the good players are kept.). My two keepers are Dez and Evans. Anyways, I was offered a trade, Evans & 7th round draft pick (give) for Julio and a 10th round pick.

Do i come out on top with this trade? What is the Clans thoughts?


No no no no! Evans is 5 years younger. He has the ability to be a top ten wr for the next 7 years. Julio has some injury concerns. Julio has only hit double digit TDs once and it was only 10. If this was redraft maybe, but definitely not keeper. And all this before you factor in giving away a better draft pick. Run away, lol. Or offer the same trade but with Dez. That would be fair. You would receive a slightly better wr and he would receive a slightly better draft pick.


That’s what i was thinking. It just didn’t seem right to me.

Thanks for the input.


Yeah I am with @Rob43, keep Evans.