Keeper League Trade - Please help!

Hey Foot Clan!

I’m a 10 team/standard scoring auction keeper league. Each year we get $200 budget for auction draft and can keep up to 3 players at the price we previously drafted them at. Price to keep them goes up $5 each additional year you keep them.

I am sitting at 7-2 and am pretty much guaranteed the playoffs. My team is solid now and I have some good keepers for the future (e.g. Ekeler for $20, Pittman for $3, Williams for $18, etc.)

QB: Lamar/Lance
RB: Cook/Ekeler/Javonte/Singletary
WR: Dionte/Pittman/Lockett/Jeudy
TE: Kittle
D: Stream each week

Another owner who is out of the running this year is offering me a hell of a deal, but I would be sacrificing awesome value in future keepers to boost my chances this year.

The trade offer is:

I get: CMC and Davante Adams
He gets: Austin Ekeler and Michael Pittman Jr…

Before you say “DO IT NOW”, he drafted CMC and Adams at a crazy high cost ($50+ each) at which I would not keep them, so they are essentially half-season rentals. Next year I could keep Ekeler at $20 and Pittman for $3 which would be steals and I would probably keep them at least 2-3 years more each. However, I have been runner up in this league the last 3 years, so I really want to bring this one home. I have a few other decent keepers, but I would almost certainly keep Ekeler and Pittman if I do not trade them.

Any help would be appreciated!

I think I’d do it. Yes it’s a shame to lose terrific value for next year. But you’ve got some nice other keeper options like Javonte Williams and Diontae Johnson. But I tend to go with the idea even in dynasty or keeper if I get the chance to bring it home now then I’m going for it.

Best of luck with the rest of the season.

Thanks for the feedback.

I have a few other decent keeper options:

Javonte Williams at $21 (With Gordon gone he could be great)
Dionte Johnson at $11
Lamar Jackson at $9
Dalvin Cook at $48 (high, but lower than market value)
George Kittle at $24

Probably not as good as the value on Ekeler or Pittman, but still decent, yeah?

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Javonte and Diontae are must keep at those prices. Hopefully you get some other views, particularly counter to my view on the trade. But yes I’m firmly in do it

Thanks again. It’s also tricky because I’d probably argue I have the strongest roster overall. The other 7-2 team just lost Derrick Henry, so they aren’t too intimidating anymore. Set up well for the future now, but I’ve finished 2nd three straight years, so itching for a win.