Keeper league trade proposals

Hi guys, I play in a keeper league where we can keep 5 players. My roster has several players that I feel are keeper worthy. These are the players I am currently going to keep: Hopkins, Diggs, Baldwin, Mixon, McKinnon. I feel that Wilson, Ertz and Collins are also potentially keeper worthy as well so I am trying to package two players for one better player or something along those lines.

Please give me your thoughts on these trade proposals.

  1. Baldwin and McKinnon for Melvin Gordon and his 3rd round pick(8th round overall as our first five rounds re for keepers)

  2. Baldwin and McKinnon for Davante Adams (no picks as he traded away his 3rd and 4th rounders and I’ve already spoekn to him and he won’t trade any more picks)

  3. Baldwin and McKinnon for Fournette and a 3rd round pick (8th round overall)

As you can see I am looking to move Baldwin (due to age) and McKinnon due to the hype that he hasn’t proved

I would also love to hear potential targets you guys think I should go after in order to improve my 5 keepers.