Keeper league trade Q

I’m defending my #footclanTitle this year and now is the time to start getting prepared for the repeat.

During this offseason I’ve traded Travis Kelce and Mike Evans for a 1st and two 3rd round picks in a 12 team, PPR, 3-keeper league. Our keepers don’t cost anything.

My current keepers:

Lev Bell
Michael Thomas
Jerrick McKinnon

I also have Jarvis Landry and Joe Mixon.

I have a few targets out there to round out my 3rd but I’m not sure if any of them are a huge improvement over Jerrick McKinnon.

Target 1: Dalvin Cook
Projected Cost: 2018 2nd & 2018 3rd round picks

Target 2: Leonard Fournette
Projected Cost: 2018 1st & 2019 1st round pick

Target 3: Melvin Gordon
Projected Cost: 2018 2nd, 2018 4th, & Jerrick McKinnon OR 2018 3rd, Jerrick McKinnon, & Mixon/Landry

Target 4: Shady McCoy
Projected Cost: 2018 3rd round pick

Any of these potential trades worth the projected cost over keeping McKinnon for free?

I only really like Target 4 or Target 1 and in that order.

Target 1: Dalvin is still very young and I know he is coming off an injury but he was stud before he went down. A 2nd and 3rd in a league where the top 36 players (probably not quite but close enough) are well worth it in my opinion

Target 2: Fournette has too many lower leg injuries already for me. I know Cook had the more serious one, but it felt like Fournette was really getting banged up last season. Giving up two first round picks too is just too high.

Target 3: I don’t like losing McKinnon in a PPR. In that offense i think he can be gold for you.

Target 4: I’m not huge on Shady just cuz he is so late in his career and is on a bad offense, but to get him in a PPR for a 3rd round pick is an absolute no brainer. Even if he did go down with an injury you are only losing out on a 3rd round pick which isn’t too terrible.

If I were you, and I don’t know what your rosters look like for your teammates but I would try something along these lines:

Trade your 3rd for Shady. (The name is good to have as trade bait)

Try and flip either Landry or Mixon for a 2nd.

Trade Mckinnon, Shady, and a 2nd for an elite player (Gurley, Brown, OBJ). I know this is easier said than done cuz you have to find a team that needs multiple players to keep, but you have a lot of ammunition in a PPR league, so I’d say you have your work cut out for you on some moves to make.

Late addition here is Joe Mixon and a 2nd for Kareem Hunt. Guy who owns Hunt is not a believer because he had a slow 2nd half of the season last year. He’s also a fan of Mixon.

Id probably do the mixon and a 2nd for Hunt and then turn around and offer someone some combination of Thomas, mckinnon and Landry for like OBJ Nuk or AB or Mckinnon and Landry for picks…