Keeper league trade question!

I am in a keeper league where we get to keep 2 players (non PPR and no penalty on keepers). I am keeping Zeke and Lev Bell. I have the chance to trade Bell and a 6th round pick in this years draft for Kamara…Should I jump on this trade?

I would take it. Bell could be good, but new team and all. I don’t think he will be the Bell Cow of past seasons.

yeah I’d jump all over that. You’ll have two top 5 guys and I’m hesitant on Bell as it is with Adam Gase there and a poor offensive line.

I would make the move. As a Jet fan it’s hard to trust in Gase, plus they brought in Ty Montgomery which may eat into Bell’s targets.

Take this for sure: its Bell & Sammy Watkins for Kamara
(ADP 6th based on

The other part of this trade is you will open a bench spot with the 1 less draft pick so you get to add a waiver wire claim without the difficulty of dropping some one.

trade could turn into: Kamara/ andy isebella (could hit early) for Bell /watkins

hard to say no. you give up some depth this year to have 2 of the top 5 RBs for the next 3 or more years. healthy and on a potent offense that should be at the top for the next 3 or so years as well. plus, no keeper hit… its great great value for you.