Keeper League Trade Questions

12 team full ppr 100% keeper league

Trade 1

My: Jarvis Landry

His: Emmanuel Sanders, Austin Ekeler, 2021 2nd Rounder

Trade 2 which I’m most interested in feedback on

My: Kerryon Johnson/Nelson Agholor/2020 1st rounder

His: Darrius Guice/George Kittle/2020 1st rounder he acquired from a top team (assuming it will be a late 1st)

Im struggling at RB so I’m thinning I should plan for the future. Guice appears to have a higher ceiling than Kerryon. But the gamble is obviously the ACL.

My Team:


Buck Allen/Mike Davis/Yeldon/Burkehead (IR)/Dion Lewis



Kerryon was the Lions first RB to hit 100 yards rushing in a game since 2013. There’s a good chance he can breakaway from a committee with his talent. If you get rid of him your running backs are going to be bad as a whole. It’s not a bad trade, since Kittle is a relevant TE especially with Jimmy G there. But I think you’ll be giving up too much for too much unknown. I think if you were to receive the first and not have to give up a first, that would be a better trade but still a little risky

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I am leaning that was as well. The guy says he values Guice more though so I’m unsure I can swing it more in my favor.