Keeper league trade qyesrion

We just started a keeper league where we get to keep 3 players but no more than 2 1st rounders. Half PPR, I drafted Lev Bell, Zeke, and Kareem Hunt. So I should trade one of them as their likely 1st rounders next year. Do I play it safe and wait until after the season to move one or cash in big and move one now? Also who should I trade, and what should I expect for them?

I would keep bell and hunt as they could still help you rest of this season for sure and would trade for a couple up coming wide receivers to take your pick on the better one for next year. Be hard to give up zeke though.

Could always hold all three and see which ones are in the best situation next year too that would be your best bet… lots can happen from now to next season…

That’s what I think I’m going to do, try to ride this one to the championship if possible. Then start a bidding war on the third one. I’m hard pressed to have a definitive thought on which to get ride of. If Zeke serves his 6 game suspension this year I would have a hard time trading away someone with his offense.

I would hold all 3 now through the end of this season - with that trio I think you should be in the champ game. Go for the title this year and worry about next year, next year

You most likely keep Bell. Zeke will be suspended eventually; this year or next. Hunt is there to stay, but we don’t know yet what happens when Spencer Ware comes back. If you get Zeke for 16 games next year, he might be the safer bet. Real tough call though.

And I don’t quite understand your keeper rules. It’s based off their projected draft round of the coming year?

I decided to do this (league vote agreed) because it’s the first year of the league (growing keeper) and I don’t want to start the league with a huge disparity between the top team and the rest.

We will have to declare our keepers 2 weeks before our draft, and will use the ADP of a decided upon site.

I think I will wait until after season. Might as well get the most success I can. Thank you.