Keeper League Trade RB for WR Trade

My 10-team keeper league allows us to keep five players, but you are limited to a max of two RB keepers and a max of 3 WR keepers, so each pre-draft season is filled with players trying to trade the players they have to otherwise drop to get some value, and others trying to fill out their five keeper spots with worthy players.

I have four RB that are all keeper worthy (Akers, A. Gibson, Mixon, CEH), plus three solid WR keepers (AJ Brown, Keenan Allen, and Allen Robinson).

I have found one team in my league that does not have any keepable RB, and two that only have one. Each of these three teams also have WR that would be a significant upgrade, as between the three of them they have S. Diggs, D. Adams, D. Hopkins, and T. Hill.

My thought is to offer each of them the same structure of a trade of 1 of my extra RB, plus either Keenan Allen or Allen Robinson for any of Diggs, Adams, Hopkins, or Hill, though for Diggs, Adams, or Hill I would be fine letting AJ Brown go.

Do we think this would work, or would they want a lot more from their side?