Keeper league trade scenario

I’m in a keeper league where we can keep 5 players. Every team uses their first 5 picks in the draft for their keepers and then it’s a rookie and FA draft. I currently have the 1.11 and 2.02 without a 3rd.

I have too many guys to keep so want to get some value for guys I have th throw back to the draft. My current group of guys I feel would be keeper worthy are : Nuk Hopkins, Doug Baldwin, Stefon Diggs, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, Zach Ertz, Joe Mixon, Jerick McKinnon, Alex Collins (this will be the best RB available outside of rookies)

A buddy in our league has a bad roster and has finished out of the playoffs 4 of 5 years. I want to propose him Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin for Tyreek Hill and the 2.01.

His current five keepers would be: Marshawn Lynch, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, mike Williams, marlon Mack.

Wilson and Baldwin I feel would be auto keepers for him (his current qb is Derek Carr)

Does this sound like a legit trade offer? If not, how else could you tweak it.

Can you estimate who would be the 2.01? if everyone keeps 5 players then that pick would essentially be the 7.01 of a standard draft.

If the trade is Wilson and Baldwin for Hill and Funchess (ADP 72 on Fantasy pros)? I’m on the Wilson and Baldwin side.

It’s hard to say exactly because there have been some head scratching keeper choices but all of the top rookie RB will be gone.

After looking at FA and guys likely to be released, I’m hoping to be able to pick up Alex Collins, Jamison crowder, sterling shepherd, jimmy graham, Zach Ertz(not that likely though) If these kind of guys go I was thinking of grabbing a rookie WR like Ridley or DJ Moore as I will have the 1.11 and 2.02 to supplement my starting lineup.

For reference, my current 5 keepers are Deandre Hopkins, Stefon Diggs, Doug Baldwin, Joe Mixon, and Jerick McKinnon.

I am going to have to release Zach Ertz, Alex Collins, Russell Wilson whom are guys that would be keepers on other teams.