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Keeper League Trade


I traded my 1st round, 2nd pick for Demarco Murray in a 3 Keeper league (12 members/.5pt). I am already keeping AJ Green, Hilton, and either Watkins or Doug Martin. The guy I traded with now has to keep Murray to trade to me and will really only keep 2 other players while I keep my 3 + Murray. I pick 2nd in every round. What do you think of this trade?


I can understand why you’d want to make the trade because you don’t really need any SuperStar WR’s. Although I’d say If Bell Zeke & David Johnson (:musical_note:) are available then I think keeping the #2 pick in Round 1 might be better. There’s so much value in those 3 RB’s. If your league rules permit, I would try to get another pick or another player out of that trade.

Overall, it’s still solid. Just be aware if the Top 3 RB’s are available then you might be missing out. Good Luck this season.


No those players will be other member’s keepers as well as Howard, Gordan, Jay A, Freeman and whoever else is kept since there’s 36 total keepers.


Great trade and keep Watkins instead of Martin!