Keeper League Update Advice

Hi guys/gals, I’ve been in a keeper league for 6 years now where we keep 4 players that count against your first 4 rd picks. It was a really fun league the first couple years with trades and pick swaps, however, over the last 3 years the trades have mostly been dead. It basically feels like a redraft now. We had a guy with a “super” team this past year where he had 8 bonafide keepers but couldn’t find trade partners so now half those players are free.

Does anybody have suggestions to liven up a league like this?

If possible, do a live draft instead of online. It’s way more fun and gets the group together to potentially talk trades in person. This is where most of the trades take place in my 13 keeper league actually.

Also, use FAAB instead of the waiver wire. We allow people to trade FAAB dollars, so it does allow you to trade one more thing as well.

Hey Ben, thanks for the feedback. We do live draft but I guess some guys just don’t like trading. I’ve been wanting to do a league with FAAB to add more strategy to the game/league. Thx

I’d honestly consider increasing the number of keepers then. We have such a big number cause we couldn’t fully commit to dynasty, but it keeps me engaged year round actually, and makes trading a much bigger and more exciting situation. Also makes trading for draft picks very valuable as well

What about decreasing the keepers to 3? In your opinion, would that encourage more teams to dump that 4th player via trade?

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I’m hesitant to say yes to that if that guy had 8 keep-able players and couldn’t trade any of them. More keepers make trades a bit more scary but so much more exciting, given you have the ability to keep so many of them for their entire career, if you wish. They also often involve higher-caliber players that may be older for the future stars (I got MT and a high second for Julio Jones and Amari Cooper last year, among many other high caliber trades).

I find it weird that the teams at the bottom of the league wouldn’t want to trade for more draft capital. I’m in a similar league and we have a good amount of trades, as even the old school guys realize that they can always trade high-value guys for quality players and valuable draft picks. We have a guy who if he’s not near the top, he’ll trade for as many draft picks as possible while making sure he has some valuable keepers.

Yeah i think we just have tepid traders. The good thing is people show up for the draft and set their lineups every week, but they are just not interested in making moves. I’m a big fan of trading (picks or players)

How often do you propose trades? I’d try striking up trade talks with everyone in the league until one bites, and then maybe it’ll catch on a bit more with others.

I send out feelers/proposals around April/May. Our keeper deadline date is Aug 1, so I talk to everyone 1-2 weeks ahead of time but often no trades get done for whatever reason.

Oh, ya my league struggles with trading during the offseason too, even for easy keepers that won’t fit on another person’s team. I think they’d rather just take their shot on the draft than giving up a draft pick for them.

Yeah I hear ya. I just don’t like that one team ends up keeping Ridley, Godwin, Freeman, and Mayfield while one team can’t keep or trade Mahomes, Cooks, Ertz, and Chubb. I think it punishes one team for building a good team and ends up rewarding bad teams.

Perhaps they need to focus on packaging players during the regular season to build a Monstars team and win the championship. And then just take it year to year.