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Keeper league w 2 b2b 1st rounders


I’m in a keeper league and am keeping Mike Evans. I made a couple of trades and have the 3rd and 4th pick in the first. I don’t have a second rounder and pick in the 6 spot from the 3rd on. I’m leaning towards going double rb but the players available should be: Shady, AJ, Jordy, Murray, Ajayi, Howard. Just wondering which two I should lean to. Full point ppr


If you’re keeping Evans, I too would probably go double RB just because I like the WR picks in the 3rd looking for WR2’s than the RB2 options at that point. In my opinion, Shady is a no-brainer. Bills lost all the passing threats, the offense runs through Shady and Shady has the hands to be invaluable in PPR (provided he doesn’t get hurt). My other choice would probably Murray. He’s a very similar RB to McCoy, Mariota got him involved in the pass game last year and I would feel ecstatic to have them as my RBs in a PPR league . Just my thoughts


While I do agree with the above comment I will say this. I like shady and murray more for total ppr points. However in a keeper League age matters and McCoy and murray are both 29 close to the 30 age dead zone. I feel if you want 2 rb pick ajayi and howard because of the age gap. I would grab Aj green and Ajayi if it was me.


The league Ii going re draft next year so it’s really just all in for this year. Been leaning shady/Murray. Considered shady ajayi or shady AJ too though


You really can’t go wrong here, regardless you are walking away with 3 studs. For me it would be McCoy and Green, if I wanted double rb I’d do McCoy and Murray. Having Green as your wr2 would be a dream, and he’s a much safer pick than any of the rbs, it’s just a question of how confident you are in building your team going from there.