Keeper league, when to pick up injured players for next year?

I am in a 2 keeper league, and I am debating sacrificing a roster spot to pick up a injured player (no IR spot).
Under our keeper rules, Derrius Guice, McKinnon would be 15th rd pick next year if I pick them up. Devonta Freeman would be an 6th rd. I am mostly thinking about Guice, since McKinnon could be in a committee and Freeman would not be worth it so much in 6th rd

here is my team with potential keeper round for next year:

QB: Matt Ryan (12th), Andrew Luck (7th)
RBs: Conner (10th), Coleman (5th), Lindsay (15th), White (11th), Kerryon Johnson (6th) & Matt Breida (9th)
WRs: Brown, Hopkins, Keenan Allen (cannot keep any of them)
TEs: Gronk & Doyle

As it stands, I plan on keeping James Conner at 10th rd next year. I am not sure about my 2nd keeper.

I am currently thinking about waiting one more week, see if Gronk is back to full health, and drop Doyle for Guice.

  • Is it too soon?
  • do I have enough keeper potential without Guice?
  • could it impact my team chances this year?

Curious to hear what you guys think.

I’d be tempted to keep Kerryon Johnson as my 2nd keeper?