Keeper League- Who to keep?

12-Team PPR

Having trouble deciding in TWO leagues…

Lamar Jackson or
Alvin Kamara

Lamar Jackson or
Davante Adams

Are there any round penalties to keeping a player? And do you know what pick you have?

Yes, I could opt out in hopes of getting someone better, but I doubt anyone more desirable will come up. I’m not sure what pick I have until draft day.

Sorry to phrase it better, what’s the price to keep? Is it the round they were drafted in last year, or are they just the same no matter who you keep?

Basically counts as a first round pick

Gotcha. If that’s the case then I would go with kamara and Adams. While Lamar is great, he won’t be a first round choice. The gap between QB1 and QB 9 or 10 isn’t as wide as the gap between a top 5 WR and a WR in the 20s

Same as above. Both Adams & Kamara are 1st rounders anyway. I am sure whoever has Elliot, Barkley, & CMC will be holding them too

Are either of these leagues superflex or 2QB?