Keeper League - who to keep?

Standard league, 1 flex. Pick from 3 of the following…

R3- Kareem Hunt
R4- Joe Mixon
R7- Davante Adams
R10- Zach Ertz
R11- Adam Thielen
R15- Kenyan Drake

Give up the draft pick for the round I keep someone in. Have an extra 3rd and 7th round pick, don’t have 5th or 9th. Will be 8th pick each round in this year’s draft.

Thinking OBJ, Adams and Thielen, but don’t want to lose Ertz in the 10th.


Should also mention…

  • 10 team league
  • can only keep a player for 3 years (this is the first year we’re doing keepers).

In order of perceived value I’d rank them Adams, Thielen, Ertz/Hunt.
I don’t see much reason keeping OBJ. If the others keep their first picks he’ll be there for you to pick, if they don’t there will be some other solid choices. Can’t really say without more info about last year’s 1st rounders.
Also if you end up not keeping someone with value, you might try trading him to a needy team for picks…

Thanks for the feedback. This is my first year doing keeper and I hadn’t even thought of giving up Odell and possibly getting him back, like you said. Makes a lot of sense.

I would keep Thielen and Adams pretty easily. Then depending on how many rbs get kept either Hunt or Ertz. If you’ll be able to get 2 RBs in the first 3 round worth starting in a 10 team league I would Keep Ertz but if a lot get kept you’ll need to hold on to Hunt.

Thanks for the suggestion… none of us will know the other’s keeper list until we all reveal at once. I am leaning towards Ertz and then get some RBs with 4 picks in the first 3 rounds.

I also like Adams, Thielen, and either Ertz or Drake. The price is so cheap for them. In a 10 man league I also lean Ertz a little more than Drake; top TEs can be really nice. I guess some would argue Hunt for a 3 would be more than fair, but I like the really cheap players.

I would not use a keeper on a TE. Hunt, Thielen, OBJ. That’s a RB1 and two solid law of averages WR1’s if you are willing to give OBJ a pass on the injury. If not, Adams.

Rookie RB’s normally do as good or better their 2nd year. Hunt should improve. Thielen has one, if not the most accurate QB’s chunking it to him. He’s going to make money for you barring injury. OBJ IMO has a chip on his shoulder and Barkley should give him more breathing room to remove that chip.