Keeper League wwyd

I can only keep two PPR full point 6pts td

8th round Chubb
9th Mahomes
10th Kamara
11th Conner

I am planning on Kamara and Mahomes

Yea I would do the same

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Kamara + conner is the way to go.

My only thought here is there is a chance I could still grab him in the first round.

If you are drafting in the first 4 spots, and you think that Kamara will be there, I would keep Mahomes and Chubb for me. I think Chubb will have a better year overall than Conner even with the return of Hunt.

I have the 9th pick Kamara will be gone. Also can keep them next year for two more spots up

In that case, I think the best value is Kamara and Mahomes like you stated first.

No way! Out of those 4, Mahomes is easily the worst choice. Kamara, Conner and Chubb are all first round rbs that give you a huge positional advantage, while Mahomes is a guy that the novice in your league foolishly drafts in the third round when you can get top 10 qb numbers in the double digit rounds and/or by streaming the position.

Take Kamara and Conner. Or take Mahomes if you want to be laughed at.

Caveat: if this is a 2qb league and you have neglected to say so, Mahomes would actually make sense.

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Kamara and Conner for me as well. That’s two top 10 rbs in the back half of the draft, can easily grab another top end QB that isn’t a drastic dropoff from Mahomes

I hear ya. Kamara and Conner it is