Keeper Leagues

I’ve never played in a keeper league before and really want to try one out! Please let me know if you have a spot open for me to join

Hey, we have an orphaned keeper team if you haven’t found one yet. Good group of people. League is on its 3rd year but this year we are switching to a modified set of ballers keeper rules. 2 keepers. Chose 1 as your franchise player to keep. Chose 2 more players that cannot be the same position as your franchise player to put up for a random pick of which one you keep.

Let me know if you are interested. Oh and it’s free. Just fun and pride.

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I apologize I am late to respond. I am absolutely interested if you will have me! I love the baller’s keeper rule so I’m all for it! My sleeper username is mikeb14. Just send me an invite and I’ll hop in. Thank you!

@DJJ0130 just wanted to tag you because I wasn’t sure if my reply sent a notification

How and when do you decide which of the non franchised players are picked/lost? I’ve seen this is the ballers set up, but wondered how it’s actually put into practise.

Curious how you out that bit into practise.


I’m sure with the ballers or any league where you can all meet in person you just draw names out of a hat. In our league you assign #1 to one of the players and #2 to the other. Then I hit randomize draft order. If you get an odd draft position number you get player #1. If even player #2.